Tips for Increasing Interactive Learning

Link to an impressive list of “non-negotiables” for improving interaction and engagement with students.  Article and headers indicate these tips are good for turnaround situations and for underperforming students.  This list is actually good for all students.  Kudos to Cochrane Academy in the Charlotte Mecklenburg (NC) Schools.  Link Below:

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Arts Education Fuels the Economy

Interesting Op-Ed piece in Chronicle of Higher Education this week.  My perspective around Arts Education is steeped in the academic, aesthetic, and life-enriching aspects of high quality Arts experiences for students.  This perspective by Sunil Iyengar and Ayanna Hudson reveal other material benefits of Arts Education.  Notably: The total economic output (gross revenue and expenses) […]

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Poor Kids Under Fire in NYC

Shocking coming from whom (I thought) is a person to be well-meaning, the new Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio.  There is a link to one (of many) articles posted below that describe the Mayor’s policy assault on some successful charter school campuses in NYC.  Each of these schools is filled with kids from […]

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Project Based Learning

A colleague forwarded this video clip to me.  Not new, but certainly insightful about how classroom need to finish the shift we’ve begun.  Enjoy! Link Below:

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Governor Jeb Bush: “California Students Assert Right to Effective Teachers”

Education leaders, this court case is worth watching. Rights of teacher unions vs the rights of under-privileged, under-served, and under-performing children in CA. This could affect us all. If this case turns out in right direction it could greatly improve access to better teachers for all kids. Link below:   JW

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Appalling Comments about the “Poor”

I had saved a clip from the Wall Street Journal in December; you’ve got to take a look at.  Link below: The Poor are Always with us, so What Must We Do?   One reader wrote, “…the poorest Americans, with government subsidies and benefits, have better lifestyles today…life generally is better…” The reader’s writing goes […]

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Undermining College Persistence

Interesting work by the Pass With Flying Colors organization. Click below for more information PWFC research efforts have included compiling interesting themes of obstacles to overcome for first-generation college goers.  These 5 seem most compelling:   1. Lack of academic preparation in HS that includes reading at college level, Science competency, and demonstrated critical thinking […]

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Motivation Matters More Than Ever

Amanda Ripley wrote “The Smartest Kids in the World-and How They Got That Way” published in 2013. Interesting, some of Ripley’s citations: 1. One thing we know about learning-you cannot do it if you aren’t motivated. 2. Statistically speaking, boys and low-income background kids have less easy-access to [self] motivation. 3. Motivation [and self activation […]

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Data that Drives Instructional Action: The Needle in a Haystack

“Data-Driven” Management in Schools and Districts While observing Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools chief, Dr. Heath Morrison, discussing the four types of approaches schools and school districts typically conform to when using academic performance data, I found his explanation instructive:     Data Phobic–afraid of the data, and what they might reveal.  We certainly still have quite […]

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Are you Watching Colorado?

There is simply no better Education Reform policy/law making going on nationally than in Colorado right now.  Frank Bruni’s piece today provides a great summary of some of the salient points.  Link is as follows: JW

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