Expanded Teacher Training

Yesterday I learned from a partner in SC that India may need as many as 2,000,000 new teachers in the coming few years.  This is due to school expansions, not due to replacements projected.  Awesome that the government is determining how to educate all its students in India.  In America, we aren’t facing expanded needs for teacher training to the degree that India is facing this, but we do need new and improved ways of training new teachers.

Today, I had a great reunion with Dr. Steve Wallace, President at Florida State College at Jacksonville (formerly FCCJ).  President Wallace was an important partner in our high school improvements we put in place while I served in Duval County, FL.  I heard a good bit about their new teacher training programs and offering 4-year degrees to aspiring teachers.  From the sound of it FSCJ is offering real response to those needs on current-day schools with a focus on practice over theory.  I am anxious to learn more.  If they can help crack the code on American teacher training in current state, the college could expand its influence well beyond its current sphere of influence.  Knowing the past work of FSCJ as I do, I expect great things from their work in teacher training.  Congratulations!

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