All Illinois Superintendents Preparation Academy applications are in!

We have received an unexpectedly high number of applications for the inaugural class of the Illinois Superintendents Preparation Academy–so we are reading and sorting the information submitted this weekend and in the coming week.  Letters should go out to all applicants by July 19.  We are contemplating two (instead of one) cohorts for the first academy.  It is heartening to know that many, many talented and dedicated educators are stepping up to the challenge of becoming a school superintendent.  I will keep you posted on how the Academy is shaping up and the progress of our first group of almost-superintendents in Illinois.  JW

3 Comments on “All Illinois Superintendents Preparation Academy applications are in!

  1. This is awesome that so many have answered the call to leadership. I am anxiously awaiting recieving my correspondence. Thank you Mr. Wise for your vision. Diane Ravitch in her most recent book, states that “our educational problems are a function of our lack of educational vision.” With this program in place our educational leaders will be ahead of the learning curve while building community.

    • LaQuita

      THX for your comment. We are reviewing the applications this week, so we can send letters to each of you next week. Like you, I am excited about the work of the Academy and the strong potential so many of you evidenced by your credentials shared with us. Stay tuned and we will be in touch ASAP re ISPA. JW

      • Sounds awesome! Thank you Dr. Wise for responding, I too love Good to Great. The framework and foundation basis set in that book is a hallmark if followed and could be a cornerstone for our students. Thanks again for replying, have a wonderful day!

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