Power of Teaching and Charlotte Danielson Framework

Recently, co-author of Power of Teaching, David Sundstrom had a chat with Charlotte Danielson when they were in Prince Georges County together.  When they exchanged books–a copy of Power of Teaching–the Science of the Art and a copy of Talk About Teaching! they also conferred on how our work overlaps nicely and that never was there a time more urgent for all of us to support teacher development in the various districts where we serve.  As a result we have completed the cross-walk document that depicts how Power of Teaching bolsters the work in districts where Danielson frameworks and rubrics  are implemented.  For more information on this cross walk, visit us at atlanticresearchpartners.org or call David at 9026620620 or me at 9046516700.

Have a great day.

Joseph Wise

One Comment on “Power of Teaching and Charlotte Danielson Framework

  1. I am absolutely intrigued by the work of Danielson and the model for effective teacher improvement with integrity. I definitely am interested in the crosswalk information. I will visit the website right now, thanks so much. Your work is truly cutting edge :-).

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