The Devil’s in the Details

Details do make a difference, and exploring them remains essential when it comes to coaching.  What is meant by details?  Primarily, all the things that go into communicating with a student, which at a minimum include things like:

• The volume at which a person speaks

• The words chosen

• The tone used

• Eye contact

• Strategic use of movement

• The manner is which the teacher has orchestrated the surrounding environment

• Attitude towards students and subject-matter content

Even with support, sometimes teachers do not immediately recognize the strengths or weakness of their teaching behaviors.  Part of the coach’s role is to help teachers become more conscious of and zero-in on the details of their practice.  To do that, a coach must first have observed and accurately identified those behaviors and affecting learning among the teacher’s students, and have a clear sense of how to move the teacher toward modifying, enhancing or eliminating certain teaching behaviors that do no support or accelerate student learning.  It means having a Plan.

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