What is Coaching?

Multiple theories on coaching have evolved over the past thirty years, and – on the basis of all these theories – substantial numbers of coaching “models” have been designed, labeled, and implemented and refined. It’s important to note that virtually all interpersonal development process, designed for only once purpose: improvement through personal interaction and support. But first, what does coaching really entail if you’re an Instructional Leaders?

1. First, coaching means overcoming resistance and opposition.

  • a. “get outa my face” opposition
  • b. “I’m listening but I don’t buy in” resistance

2. Second, coaching means establishing relationships:

  • a. Collaborative
  • b. Non-threatening to the Individual
  • c. Exploratory

3. Coaching also means proposing options tat are both logical and practical.

4. Coaching means observing certain fundamental rules of engagement:

  • Avoid even the appearance of condescension because no one wants to be patronized.
  • Recognize Strengths at the onset and never lead with a negative statement
  • Maintain confidentiality – always – except when subject to legal and ethical considerations that compel contrary action.
  • Active Listening to the professional seeking guidance.
  • Candor – about one’s own strengths; no bluffing; no arrogance
  • Acknowledging at the onset that, as a coach, he or she likely has some – but not all – of the answers.
  • Reflecting, individually and with the professional, on the professional’s performance and specific needs.

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