Dirty Little Poor Kids?! OMG!

Today one of my clients told me that she just read in a school improvement plan developed and submitted by a school principal that under the category “concerns”  the following:

Due to the increase of free-and-reduced-lunch students, our school has become cleanliness challenged.  We must use more of our budget next year to hire more custodians

I couldn’t believe it!  If the school categorizes poor kids as also dirty little kids, I suspect that they cannot even come close to thinking these same kids can learn and achieve at high levels.

Name of the client and the school district shall be withheld, but I am happy to tell you individually how this district administrator plans to intervene.

For those educators who do get it–and know that all kids can achieve and accomplish big dreams through their schooling, we must confront all bigoted views-especially when the relate to kids.  Bigotry of all sorts may very well exist in every school system in America.  Bigotry must be confronted and preconceived misconceptions must be corrected in order to move all our kids forward.

I debated whether to post this one–but questioned myself, “how could I not”?



One Comment on “Dirty Little Poor Kids?! OMG!

  1. If teachers had pride in their kids they would help them gain pride in themselves and their school environment – I remember when the teacher checked our finger nails and our desks and told us how important it was for us to be proud of how we look and classroom environment. I wonder if the administrator who is requesting more custodial assistance is the same one asking the board to provide uniforms becuase the parents never wash them!!!!! You are right OMG!!!

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