Failure is Caused by Lack of Effective Planning on the Part of the Coach

When considering reasons for a teacher’s resistance to one’s coaching efforts, we cannot overlook our own behaviors – and the messages we intentionally – but more often unwittingly – convey through our own conduct and expressions.  In addition to those behaviors, there is the manner in which each coaching session is planned (or unplanned) and the impact our pre-planning has on the teacher being coached.  Without a clear course of action, or without clarity of purpose, coaching can evolve into something wholly ineffective.

Some of the elements the coach should consider including in every effective coaching plan are:

  • An objective for the positives/strengths discussion of the lesson
  • An objective for the area to improve
  • Key questions which will allow the teacher to accurately reflect on his practice
  • Key examples and evidence from the lesson
  • Specific suggestions for improvement that focus on how and why the suggestion will improve learing for students

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