College Tuition Soaring–Is it Worth it?

Greetings from St. Augustine, FL.

There is understandable concern around the cost of college tuition, now averaging $27,293 for 4-year private schools, $7,500 for 4-year public schools, and nearly $3,000 for 2-year public schools.  Some 4-year private schools are now charging above $100,000 for tuition (alone).  It seems reasonable that questions arise out of the worth of a college degree.

According to other data provided by The College Board, median salary in 2010 for high school graduates was $32,552 for persons 25 and older.  Same figure was $39,884 for those completing a 2-year and $53,976 for those completing a 4-year.

More serious is the 2010 look at unemployment for those 25 and older.  Unemployment was at 14.9% for those without a high school degree, 10.3% among those with a high school diploma, 7% among 2-year college degree finishers, and 4.7% among those completing a 4-year degree

Certainly, more work must be done to convince colleges and universities to revisit the cost effectiveness of their undergraduate programs (including tuitions charged).  Regardless,  it remains worthwhile to convince AND PREPARE our middle and high schoolers for college.  Of course, we know this really begins in early grades.

Your thoughts?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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