Teaching in a digital age – some things change but some remain the same.

Found a wonderful article published by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute that addresses this issue.  Part of their Working Paper Series, this article – “Teachers in the Age of Digital Instruction ” written by Bryan C. Hassel and Emily Ayscue Hassel address some of these issues.

“The digital revolution needs excellent teachers.  Even as the content of digital instruction improves, accountable adults will remain critical to student outcomes.  Digital fare will eventually replace much of the diagnosis of learning levels and provisions of matching instruction, particularly in core knowledge and skills, that today distinguish excellent teachers from peers.  But successful teaching is much more than delivery of core instruction, no matter how effective.  It also requires:

  • Motivating students to take on next challenges and persist despite barriers;
  • Helping students  with time and task management and other habits critical to success;
  • Building children’s social and emotional skills and fortitude;
  • Mentoring and modeling life skills,
  • Addressing personal and family situations that may impede learning;
  • Helping students dig deeper into material and develop higher-order thinking skills (analytical, conceptual, and creative);and
  • Taking responsibility for ensuring learning outcomes, making changes when a student’s learning growth stalls – below or above standards.

These distinguishing aspects of teachers who produce outstanding learning results with more students are not ones that technology can fully replace.”

To read the rest of this very informative paper go to : http://www.edexcellence.net/publications-issues/publications/creating-sound-policy-for-digital-learning.html

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