Happy New Year!

Good morning from St. Augustine, FL.  Sunny and 65 degrees.

Some potential developments in 2012 I am personally hopeful for and looking forward to include the following:

1.  Distinctive Schools will hold its first annual leadership retreat with senior leaders of the Chicago network on January 17-19, 2012.  This vibrant group of young leaders will further hone their craft to accelerate their supports to their teachers, students, and families we serve in Chicago.  We will provide updates via the Distinctive Schools website at http://www.distinctiveschools.org

2.  I hope 2012 is the year that we can ALL shift from the blame game meted out in rhetoric and finally determine how to effectively partner on issues improving the experience and performance of our Nation’s school teachers and their students.  Let’s face it, whether we hail from traditional public school district roles, charter school roles, Union and Association roles, elected or appointed roles, or as conservative or liberal viewpoints, the more each of us can do to bridge the ideologies, and place time, funds and other resources more closely to the classrooms, the better we can strengthen our schools and school systems.

3.  Atlantic Research Partners will begin its 5th year of service to educators and their students and organizations to build capacity in its school- and district-level instructional and operational functions.  See more about the work of the ARP faculty at http://www.atlanticresearchpartners.org

I’d be happy to know the potential developments of 2012 you are most hopeful for and looking forward to.

Happy New Year!


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