Teaching Quality–Strategic Use of Wait Time

Effective teaching behaviors are easy to finding the professional literature and easy to emulate.  Across grade levels, navigating the strategic use of wait time is effective for learners.  Simply put, when posing questions to individual students, wait for the response, don’t repair.  If the student answers incorrectly–all the better sometimes.  Guiding the incorrect answer can provide real richness in the teaching learning process.

Following is a bit more from our research as I am explaining to a group of K-8 teachers serving in Chicago Public Schools.

2 Comments on “Teaching Quality–Strategic Use of Wait Time

  1. Dr. Wise,

    It is quite uncommon to see the wait time actually be given. I have found though my observations tha this a skill that administrators must coach their teachers into using. When used the students become more accountable to their learning and begin to immerse themselves in the process of thinking and responding.

    • THX for the comment. Very instructive. It is all about coaching for sure. Helping teachers build skill in this and other teaching quality behaviors is much like building skills in other facets of life–isolate the skill, ask a coach or other safe observer to observe for the behavior and catch the improvements (vs. continued failure). The positive reinforcement will help the teacher build confidence at same time the teacher is noticing the improved learning environment. Remember Dr. Hunter said, “Even champions have coaches”. Just like one of the Williams sisters practice their pro tennis skills with a coach observing, so must teachers practice their skills. What did I miss?

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