Instructional Coaches–Separating the What from the How for your Teachers


TO:  Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders, Mentors, Administrators

In our meta analysis of more than 430 studies that led to Power of Teaching–the Science of the Art, we learned a simple distinction that can make a powerful difference in your time spent coaching and collaborating with teachers. Separate the WHAT from the HOW.

In this video clip I am discussing this distinction with 100+/- teachers on the south side of Chicago.  Those other fans of Marzano’s work (as I am) might remember that Marzano says separating the WHAT from the HOW in teaching is a false dichotomy. We learned that to not be necessarily true when dissecting effective and ineffective teaching behaviors and coaching up a teacher’s teaching quality.

After you view the video, let me know what you think. For those of you who coach other teachers, please try focusing only on the HOW or the WHAT–you can go deeper into one set of behaviors (or skill) areas with your teacher advisee.

For more information on Power of Teaching–visit NWEA professional development at

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