Can we all agree?!

A follow-up to my post of January 27, 2012 on high school drop-out eligibility age is as follows:

Compulsory HS Attendance until age 18!

Can we all agree that this is a necessary step to help us in the imperative to save the quality of education for all our high school students?

Ed Week did a nice job publishing the state-by-state status of compulsory attendance (age 16, 17, or 18) before a child can decide to drop out of high school.  Link below should get you there:

While there is much more to the work than keeping students in school longer, this would at-least give us a stronger chance at helping more student prevent wreckage in their lives.

Almost for sure states where the compulsory attendance is to be raised will pay for this by reducing allocations to budget line items such as building more prison beds.  That would certainly be a great change of tide.

It is an election year–so this is the very thing we should all push our state legislators on.  18 states continue to allow 16 year-olds to drop out.   Eleven states still allow 17 year-olds to drop out.

Is it do-able?


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