Bridging to the Common Core Standards in Mathematics

Good morning.  En route to the meeting of the Education Research and Development Institute in Houston.

No doubt, when finally evolved, all states moving to the Common Core State Standards there will be many new pressures on school and classroom practices.  Especially for those states ranking in the lowest 50th percentile in terms of level of difficulty and complexity in current state curriculum, there will be tough new demands on teachers their students.

For teachers and parents who may want to provide some information on smartphone and tablet “apps” for help and practice in Mathematics–see the site hosted by Tech & Learning Apps for Common Core Math Standards, Grades 9-12.  Link is as follows:

While I have not reviewed many of the “apps” T&L does a good job of policing their own referrals.

Especially since we will have to encroach even more on students’ personal (out-of-school) time as well as that of parents to help move the work in Math along faster, we might as well help students and families find things that are of quality and more engaging for students.

If you need help with re-mapping your own state or local curricula to align with the Common Core, please let me know.  Several local school districts and firms provide this type of expert technical assistance.  These include Harvey Perkins’ team based in Virginia, the Teacher as Architect team based in Chicago, and our own firm Atlantic Research Partners.

Let me know what you think and if you need any assistance on these matters.  None of us wait until the last minute to shift to the Common Core State Standards.


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