[T]he Common Core will have little effect on…Students’ Achievement”…REALLY?!

Your can read the new Brookings report authored by senior fellow Tom Loveless.  His work is well-executed, and it is a must read in my opinion.  Link is as follows:


Regardless of his excellent work, I think Loveless needs to re-think a primary premise summarized in a main quote.  “The empirical evidence suggests that the Common Core will have little effect on American students’ achievement.”

Practitioners know that the shifts to the Common Core are already having a profound effect.

Early work in at least the lowest 25 states (lowest in terms of current state-standard difficulty and in terms of performance) will have the toughest time in making the shifts, and will likely see the most profound dips in student achievement. These states should be moving as fast as possible to make their shifts to the CCSS.

Read the Loveless study.  It makes great case on a number of other fronts, including how good he predicts that full implementation of the CCSS will be for teaching and learning in American schools.  On those points I agree.

What am I missing?


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