School Principals and their Data Walls

I find the uses of Data Walls among school principals to be wide in variety.  Some display data as purely a symbolic gesture.  School principals who are driving growth and acceleration in student achievement and teaching quality, display and use data with deeper intentions and protocols.  Here is a link to a video on the power of data walls:

What we should be providing school principals with to support their work could be summarized in these questions:

1. Is the data wall kept up-to-date–sometime weekly?

2.  Are the data formative so that the school team can stay focused on areas of growth, strength and weakness?

3.  Do the displays provide strand and skill level performance data, especially is areas of growth?

4.  Does the principal think deeper that in percentages of students and study raw numbers of students and individual student’s name succeeding, growing, not-growing, struggling?

5. Are RtI practices reflected on the data walls?

6.  Are the data also sorted by-teacher, and by other disaggregated means?

7.  Are teachers regularly asked to discuss their data, students’ growth, areas of concern?

8.  Is the principal’s classroom visits schedule reflective of the wall’s data?

What questions did I miss?


2 Comments on “School Principals and their Data Walls

    • Hi Melody.

      Thanks for the comment. I should have mentioned the concept of “root cause”. When understood, that concept goes a long way in helping school leaders help their teams to bypass rhetoric and get right to notions of causality and midcourse correction for student learning and supports. Hope all is well. JW

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