Coaches–help for your Music Teachers

Many instructional leaders and coaches I know become withdrawn when it comes to observing and providing helpful feedback to teachers of subject areas in which they have little to no experience.  Coaching Music teachers is one such area–if you were not a musician or previously a Music teacher.

Coaches–enter those classrooms and find good things going on.  Also find the areas to help using your own deep knowledge about good instructional practice.

For example, in Music, if the teacher is singing a phrase or song and asking the student(s) to repeat the phrase–with their instrument (s) or their voice(s) it might be a good exercise.  If done too much, it is overuse of rote-recall (just like overuse of rote-recall questioning is not good practice in other subject areas).

Take a teacher teaching a Jazz lesson.  Music teacher sings: bah-dop-bee-bop-da bop so the students parrot  bah-dop-bee-bop-da bop and then the teacher says good job class.  This can be efficient for preparing an ensemble for a performance, but it does little to help students depend their analytical knowledge, etc.  Bloom or Madeline Hunter would say–bad practice if overused.  So should we.

Teachers deserve our best thinking and coaching.

bah-dop-bee-bop-da bop!

Have a great day.


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