Competency-based Instruction vs. Seat-time

This evolving policy debate is one that all teachers and their coaches should get involved with.  There is an emerging enthusiasm around competency-based learning vs. students enduring seat time as the measure for what/when to dose kids in teaching and learning.  Proponents believe this is the new key to acceleration of student achievement, better personalization of instruction, and better use of time and other resources.

Regardless of your position on this, further differentiation will be required.  More and more this requires more reliance on instructional technology and leaps in our faith in all kids’ abilities will be required.

A new study by Heather Staker on the topic is available and a synopsis is at link:

For technology leaders, now is the time to refine how the various uses of technology will need to link for efficiencies and further capacities in learning systems.  This will be required when we move more deeply into competency based instruction.  In Staker’s work, there is a framework for beginning to think about these linkages.  See below for an easy view–not sure if you can manipulate for readability.  If not Cut and paste from Staker’s article synopsis at the link.


What are your views on competency-based learning vs. students putting in quotas of seat-time?


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