Bullying in Schools-Know the Drivers for Behaviors and Reporting

On topic of Bullying, we must continue to study and share best practices quickly and thoroughly.  Cause for concern is the lack of good quality data and research on topic of Bullying in Schools.  It is important for us to think about not simply what seems right and seems effective in ending these destructive and dangerous dynamics within a school. It is important for us to understand research-established drivers of the behaviors as well as research-established preventions and deterrents for bullying.

The REL Southwest team has done a great job of providing reliable research on the topic.  See below for the research report and a Webinar (Adobe required). I highly recommend these reports.

 “What Characteristics of Bullying, Bullying Victims, and Schools Are Associated with Increased Reporting of Bullying to School Officials?”

Access to the research report is at link below:


Access to the Webinar is at link below:


Are there other research-established resources I should be reviewing and sharing?


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