Accountability, Testing Season and Cheating

From our SUPES Academy participants, I was inspired by what I received back from my request for them to write down-in 60 seconds what accountability means to them.  See some of the most inspiring at the end of this blog post.  For aspiring superintendents and all educators, it is a must that we embrace accountability and hold ourselves answerable.

It is now high-stakes testing season in many states.  Schools in the City of Chicago start their ISAT testing on March 6.  For all educators, the annual state testing is their accountability Super Bowl in Illinois.  Time to put away the debates on the types of assessments that are worthwhile and prepare kids for their parts in the Super Bowl.

A far more important task of the season is to affirm the importance to ethics, and remind colleagues of all the nuances that could be construed as cheating.  Every single test booklet and every single student answer matters.  Principals, this is the time to remind the faculty and staff of all you have put into place to prevent cheating.

Best wishes for your students in demonstrating all that they have learned that will be measured on your state test.

Now-please enjoy some of the accountability definitions (personalized) below.  True inspirations!

“Measuring excellence from all for all.” -Jeffery Holmes, Prince Georges County Public Schools

“Accountability means measuring what’s important to ensure it gets done.”-Natalie Reynolds, DC Public Schools

“Making the right decisions at the right time for the right reasons!-Curt R. Green, Atlanta Public Schools

“My mindset is student centered.  I do everything for the benefit of kids”-Richard Jeffery Rhodes, Principal, Montgomery, MD

“Accountability means a framework through which consistency, transparency and efficiency can be observed.” -Richard Carter

“Myself and others take responsibility for student learning and success.”-Charles Rick

“Accountability is making sure that your actions line up with your words.” -Jason Patton, Detroit Public Schools

“Accountability is when students’ results are my results.”-Sloan Presidio, Tigard, Oregon

“Accountability is an unrestrictive system requiring one to take inventory on where one/something stands against beliefs. Its not just professional, but personal too.” -Cedric Thompson

“Accountability means that I will be responsible for delivering results on behalf of students and communities.”

“Accountability means that “I am responsible for their learning in all facets.”

“Accountability means: … Luck stops here, make it happen!” -Dr. Euna McGruder, Baltimore City Public Schools

“Accountability is being ready to sacrifice on a professional level so that student achievement is at the core of every decision that is made.” -Dr. Bernard Taylor, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Accountability means commitment instead of convenience to me.”      

“Making sure that every part of the strategic plan is focused on student engagement and achievement.”

“Accountability:  holding individuals and institutions responsible for their success of failure.” –Kurt Stumbaugh, East Winds Red Schools, NJ

“Accountability is…on achievement and communication.” -Edward Mayfield, Christina School District (DE)

“Monitoring what should be occurring to teach children and holding folks accountable and celebrating success.” -Gerri Martin, Assistant Superintendent

“If one child makes it from this school, the community moves forward…”

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