Lesson Planning-Collaboration and Quality Assurance

Recently I mentioned Goorulearning.org and here is another. Have you seen thinkfinity.org ? Chris Weber just pointed out this site as another one rich in materials. (THX Chris!)

There is so much rich content under searches for lesson planning, learning objects, and activities for classrooms on the Internet. These two I have mentioned have become favorites. Many can help to save teachers time and help to improve their lesson planning.

These tools can also be wasteful (at-best) and dangerous (at-worst). We must use collaboration to sort through the very materials that truly align to our curriculum standards. Better yet, putting a learning activities jury or quality control process in your school or district can save teachers even more time, and best ensure the found (and often free) content facilitates more efficient and more engaging lessons.

Do you have a formal (or even informal) teacher group with which to collaborate on these matters? Working in isolation (like we often do) seems like a very unproductive practice.

Collaboration tools can be helpful and include teacher studio.com and silverbacklearning.com

Other help with quality assurance can be found through the Infinitec portal which can be found at myinfinitec.org

The best collaboration for matters of quality control remains good ole dialogue between/among teachers and their coaches.

Have a great week.


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