The Kids can Wait?

I was heartened to learn that in a recent Woelfel Research poll taken among 50-plus voters, that 74% percent indicated that Education was among the “very important issues” in determining whom they will vote for in 2012.  Understandably,  only a few issues such as Job Growth (83%) and Rising Health Costs (83%) polled higher. (A graph depicting the Woelfel Research can be found at link: .)

Part of our work in 2012 must be to help every single citizen (over 50-plus or not, parent or not, conservative or not, liberal or not) understand why Education must remain high on our National priorities.

Even those who understand student academic performance in deeper, disaggregated data slices—and who might, for instance, stress that America’s fourth graders compare well with their peers in Finland, Korea, and Singapore—also know that by the time successful 4th graders make it to high school in America, they are more likely behind their peers from other nations.  In fact, a 2009 McKinsey study documented that “the longer American children are in school, the worse they perform compared to international peers.” 

Like in other countries, we have issues in America-issues that all need immediate and severe reparations.  None of our issues can be remedied with hope for any sustainability without the work we know we need to do in our educational system-in every state, every county, every city, every school and in every classroom.

The kids can wait?  The kids cannot wait!


2 Comments on “The Kids can Wait?

  1. Dr, Wise,
    I agree that the future of our country is based on the foundation of education. One thing I like to mention on the reason that our school system is lagging behind other industrialized nations is the fact that we educate everyone. That is the great thing about American education. It doesn’t matter what level of learning you are at you still get the equal opportunity of an education. A lower level student still gets the same education as a higher performing student.

    To try and answer your question why Americans do not hold a high value towards our education success is because the general population is growing older. The baby boomers are more concern about health care and the economy then education. Since the baby boomers dominate our portion of the American population this is the voice that most politicians listen too.

    • Thank you for your comment. An important point you made is how we must keep baby boomers (especially those who are now empty nesters) engaged in the issues faced by all of our K-12 institutions. I should have mentioned in the post, and am glad you did, that we do educate all of our children, and many countries still do not. Good call-out. THX again. JW

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