Alarming Data on High-Minority Enrollment Schools

The US Department of Education released a new round of data on high-minority enrollment schools.  Link to a Charlotte Post article which provides a nice summary is:

Salient Points:

(Note: CRDC = Civil Rights Data Collection)

Black students, particularly boys, are far more likely to be suspended or expelled from school than their peers. Blacks make up 18 percent of students in the CRDC sample, but 35 percent of the students suspended once, and 39 percent of those who were expelled.

• Students learning English were 6 percent of the CRDC high school enrollment, but made up 12 percent of students held back.

• Twenty-nine percent of high-minority high schools offered calculus, compared to 55 percent of schools with the lowest black and Hispanic enrollment.

Teachers in high-minority schools were paid $2,251 less per year than their colleagues in low-minority schools in the same district.

As a practitioner working in mostly high-minority and high-poverty represented schools, this reminds me that we have a continual responsibility to engage in dialogue.  The only way to solve these alarming data trends is through the process of democracy.  I’d ask each of my colleagues to originate and engage in the dialogue and use data (factual, not made-up) to underpin each conversation.

THX for reading!


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