Superfood and Art; A More Holistic Future

Its encouraging to see cross-disciplinary art lessons address the subject of nutrition. Over at CICS Bucktown, one of the schools in the Distinctive Schools network, one of the most current art lessons combines the idea of superhero with superfood. A combination of one item children tend to get excited about to something perhaps less interesting for most who are just learning about health and nutrition. Take a look at the anthropomorphic super foods created by the 5th grade class.

Interdisciplinary lessons engage students not just in their solitary coursework and thinking, but allows for greater lessons learned when their projects are multifaceted and engaging and build connections from class room to class room, subject to subject.

Engaging a child’s ability to create with a lesson on nutrition is fun and exciting and yields a new outlook on what and why we should eat through the creation of an empowered being fueled by the imagination; connecting the ideas of power, self, nutrition and justice for all!

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