So, So Performance of Talented High Schoolers?

In a recent comment posted to this blog (from an astute parent in Duval County FLA) it was raised the challenge of so, so performance by their high school son who participates in the AICE program-akin to AP and IB.  The biggest frustration seemed to be centered around the parent knowing the son could do much more.

Not knowing the son, here is what I suggested:

As for the so, so performance, here are some ideas your comments triggered that might be helpful:

1. interest-most all kids and especially brighter kids have developed cognitive intolerance for things not interesting. Perhaps you, other family members and his teachers can look harder for real-life connections between his academic work and his interests.

2 Hooray for extracurricular activities and your family’s involvement for your young men! Are there connections to the academic work between/among the friends in the after-school activities that might spark deeper commitment and performance from your son on the school work?

3. Is there a counselor or school psychologist you trust and skilled to discern some possible learning challenges that could inform you and his teachers?

4. Where does he want to attend college? Could some visits to the colleges help him think about the performance gap that persists? Could that help him think about his current performance compared to what his performance could-be and what the college(s) will expect?

5. For some adolescents, it is hard being a teenager, especially in a large school.

Any thoughts?  Did I miss any ideas worth pursuing?


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