Getting Students to Care About Producing High Quality Work

An overwhelming concern of teachers is getting their students to care enough about producing high quality work, this according to Damian Cooper.  Cooper’s suggestion is for teachers to ask themselves these 4 questions about the assigned work to facilitate the student’s concern for their own work.

  1. Do I ensure that all of the work I assign is worth each student’s time and effort?  Cooper stresses these keywords:  meaningfulness, relevant, engaging, and authenticity.
  2. Do I always provide clear performance standards for their work?  Do they know what excellence looks like?
  3. Do I constantly remind students that high-quality work takes time and focus to produce?
  4. Do I always insist on excellence in the final product?  Nothing less than each student’s very best is acceptable.

I find these questions a nice 4-prong test for teachers in developing high standards for quality work and work habits from their students.


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