School Boards, Corporate Boards, All Boards

Interesting thoughts on Running a Board Meeting from Fred Wilson, an early investor in Twitter and Zynga.  See the article attached at the end of this post.

Far too often, we differentiate school boards from corporate boards from non-profit boards, from other boards.  Truth is they all govern, they all hire/fire the chief executive, and they all have shareholder (constituent) interests at their core.

Way too often boards lose their way.  We have too few highly effective elected school boards.  We have too many greedy corporate boards.  We have too many unfocused non-profit boards.  The ratio of highly-functioning boards to boards that add little to no value is at a disturbing level, especially with government sector, elected boards.

Wilson’s notion that Board meetings should not be for the benefit of the Board.  They should be for the benefit of the CEO and the senior team.  I wonder if this simple adjustment would help move more boards back to highly functioning status.


Running a Board Meeting

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