Flipping the Classroom

Flipping the Classroom and more lessons from Corporate Training accessible to K-12 education.

In corporate training circles they are becoming increasingly familiar with FLIPPING.  Reversing the traditional teaching model by assigning teacher lectures (or other whole group delivery) as homework and instead using in-person classroom time for problem solving, other application of material covered, and collaboration.

Some neat resources corporate trainers are using that we could benefit from.

Check out Inkling (iPad textbooks and other digital publishing)

Check our Evernote for note taking and notes storage

Also WordLens.  Without connection to the internet, easy translation of printed words can be achieved through Wordlens.com

Zotero.  This tool can be installed on your browser or as a smart phone app.  Save bibliographic citations for more efficient research, and better prevention of errors or (even inadvertent) plagiarism.


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