More on Bullying and Respect

More points from the literature on school bullying and deepening the work to solve bullying and sustaining cultures of respect in our schools.

In a US Secret Service Study, it was found that most school shooters had been bullied.

In a 10-year study of 70,000 middle and high school students, the National Center for Student Aspirations found that only 37% agreed with the statement, “Students in my schools show respect for one another.”

More and more, school officials are finding that the real work in bullying is a broader problem of cruelty and disrespect of all kinds–not necessarily a targeted group, perceived-class, etc.

In a study of 2,300 middle schoolers, bullying victims had significantly lower grade-point averages than their non-victimized peers.

On any school day, an estimated 160,000 US students miss school because of bullying (and associated fears).

Source:  SUNY Cortland center for the 4th and 5th Rs.


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