Jacksonville is emblematic for the greater issues of our Nation

As a followup to the post from May 21, 2012-link is below:

FEEL GOOD Education?! Geez!

I received some wise-counsel from a well-respected business leader, old friend (a friend since 2nd grade, and a person true to his own faith) in Jacksonville.  Harold said:  I agree with most of it but please,  don’t lump all people of conservative  observant faith into the hater category.   I am as uncomfortable as you with the typical Southern Baptist hardheads……we are not all alike that as I hope you know.

Harold is correct, and I stand corrected.  We should never lump people into groups.  That includes me.

We can however, study what is going on (and not going on in Jacksonville) as representative of so many cities and towns in the USA.  There are haters, there are posturing politicians, and frankly there seems to be a shortage of folks in and around K-12 education who will put kids first, not rhetorically first, but really first in allude decisions made.

Thanks Harold.

Come on Jacksonville.  You can change.  And you must change, before soliciting candidates for school superintendent.  Your willingness to change attitudes about kids vs. adult-interests will greatly affect this search.  Jacksonville has some positive examples in the business, civic, political, and religious leadership.  Others must follow the positive examples if preK-12 education can work well for kids.


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