70% of Americans Favor Charter Schools

In the recent Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) Gallup Poll on the Public Attitudes Toward the Public Schools in 2011, 70% of Americans favor charter schools.  Of those respondents 30 and younger 78% favor charter schools, and 75% report charters as favorable among those in their 30s and 40s.  PDK is asking their readers to let them know why on the PDK Facebook page.  Here are my hypotheses:
1.  In traditional school districts talented school superintendents, school leaders, and teachers are often over-powered by politically-driven and power-hungry elected officials.  There are great positive examples of well-meaning, thoughtful, and helpful elected officials.  Traditional school systems provide a landscape for many to pilfer and wield power counter to the needs of students and the system.
2.  More meaningful choices for families exist within charter school offerings.  Charters are often on “shorter leashes” in the various accountability structures and can be put “out of business” much more easily than  traditionally operated schools.
3.  Charters can better resist building low-value-add bureaucratic structures than most all traditional school system leaders appear to be unwilling to.  For charter schools, this can free up more funding to be applied at- or closer-to the real work-in classrooms.

What are your thoughts on this and why favorability on charter schools seems to be rising?

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