Parents and a School’s Technology Capacity

In a recent survey reported in the 2012 EdWeek Technology Counts edition, here are where parental interest lies in conjunction with a school’s use of technology for parent involvement:
74% of parents find it important to have access to curricular materials, online textbooks to use with their kids at home.
62% find it important to find online updates on their child’s homework assignments, projects and upcoming tests.
53% want updated daily grades and progress in school.
51% want special alerts when a child is missing assignments, has low grades or is in danger of failing a class.
42% want updates from teachers about class activities and topic studied.
32% of parents see technology tools to facilitate collaboration between their child, the teacher(s), and themselves as important.
22% want online access to videos and podcasts of the teacher’s “lectures”.
As we find more ways to engage parents in the work of their child and before we criticize a parent’s lack of involvement, it is probably wise to play to their collective sense of where technology can help them actually be involved and effective.
Have a great week.

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