Raising e-Readers

Earlier this year, Thomas Fitzgerald wrote a great piece for the NY Times on Bringing Up an e-Reader.  His piece cited the Center for Literacy at University of Akron which is doing research on efficacy on e-reader integration into the work of K-12 classrooms.

Some lessons from experts for us all as we integrate more and more technology (and especially e-readers) into the school work, homework, and recreational life of children are the following:

1.  Don’t allow reading to move into auto-pilot with children. Lisa Guernsey with New America Foundation that “we are seeing evidence that parents expect the e-books to do it all and are stepping back from the engagement with their children.”  Find discussion points about the e-book(s) being read.

2.  Chris Ludrosky amplified the point in #1 above.  Intermittent supervision and support with e-books is important. Making sure that students are “…reading or learning to read [and not]…playing an app or a game.”

3.  Most important is advice from Vanderbilt’s Gabrielle Strouse who said whether it is an e-book, a game, etc. “co-interacting, co-viewing, is the best way for them to learn.”

E-books and e-reading are not going away,  in fact, for children who get immersed in e-reading, old books don’t really cut it any more.  Teacher Kourtney Denning said it best:  “We have to transform learning as we know it.”

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