Is KWL becoming another old-tired Teaching Tool?

Organizing for new learning is important work for teachers and their students.  K.W.L. has been a tried and true approach to organize for new learning.  Having students help construct what we know (K), what we want to know (W), and what we can learn (L) has served many,many teachers well. It can still.
Problem is that far too often we overuse the same old teaching techniques until the become old and tired.
Not so well know and documented by Duckworth in 1996 is an alternative to organizing certain lessons for new learning and helping to focus and pique the interest of students.  Teachers can have students “construct [for] personal knowledge”.  Here are some questions and points to pose to students:
1.  On this topic what is it you are interested in learning?
2.  Why do you (or might you) want to learn about this?
3.  What might be the big questions we will want to answer?
4.  Does your question(s) have more than a yes or no answer?
5.  In a small group create a question web to help group related questions
Good luck!

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