Measuring Academic Growth Toward College Readiness

The attached summary board illustrates correlations between NWEA MAP performance, ACT performance and college success predictions/projections.  Given the researchers involved (Theaker and Johnson), the correlations are firmly reliable, and further replications will almost assuredly deepen the patterns.

At Distinctive Schools, playing to each of our student’s MAP targets is an important component of our strategy in supporting the work of all teachers and their pupils.  This is also the basis for teacher-to-teacher collaboration, lesson planning, and mapping our curriculum.  What this new study provides, is further validation of where we have to be each year with each child as we help ready him/her for college and career.

For Atlantic Research Partners faculty, this further clarifies the work for clients when engaged in performance improvement projects in their schools and school districts.

Congratulations and thanks to the NWEA research team and to the University of Arkansas for providing this rich guide for the work we all do.


Click on the graphic below to enlarge it.

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