Note-taking, Doodling, and Schools

When preparing for the upcoming school year, many schools are doing the right thing by requiring and standardizing note-taking among kids, especially in middle and high school grades.  My professional favorite is Cornell notes, especially in this current positive trend of taking seriously preparing all kids for college and career.
Tom Wujec, takes the ideas a few steps farther.  Wujec says:
1.  Active note-taking induces longer, deeper memory of the subject matter.
2.  Adding symbols, visual metaphors, likenesses of people/characters, etc. increases the effectiveness of note-taking.  (Yes, Doodling!)
3.  My take on Wujec’s intell is to facilitate discussion about the doodling aspect of note-taking.  Help kids trade ideas about how to constructively doodle.
4.  Also my take:  If a student says (s)he does not need to take notes, this should be challenged and redirected by the teacher.
5.  (Finally, my take):  Students copying word-for-word what a teacher dictates is bad practice, constricts student engagement, and is an insult to our profession.
What did I miss?

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