Have you heard of Triumph Learning?

Maybe you’ve heard of Triumph Learning.  I think the company had a set back of sorts.  I am hear to tell you, they are on the rise.  I spent some time with their new CEO Rick Noble, their business developers and product specialists this week.  They are some of the most thoughtful, helpful, and resilient professionals who are on to what we need in the way of accelerating skill building and learning in the coming Common Core State Standards movement.  Their products are evolving to digital offerings (even though you can continue to purchase their paper-print versions). They have well-trained their sales and development professionals on how to look at a school’s or district’s needs and align their products and services to what is truly needed. What a breath of fresh air.
It is time to move away from big-box, big-publisher adoptions, and let our curriculum maps and guides dictate what we need in the way of programs and materials.  On that shift, here are some great resources to examine:
1.  Triumph Learning products and services
2.  Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant from Scientific Learning
3.  Dreambox and IXL for mathematics reinforcements (early grades)
4.  ST Math
5.  Distinctive Math for the Common Core (curriculum maps) available in early 2013
7.  Khan Academy math
Previously I wrote about the merits of becoming program-agnostic and procuring programs and materials more effectively like we buy iTunes (tunes vs. whole albums).  If you have great curriculum mapping processes, you can make this effective change in your purchasing practices.  If not, we can help you launch and develop the processes of curriculum mapping and alignment.
My email address is:  jw@atlanticresearchpartners.org
If you need leads on these matters or if you have other great programs/materials ideas you have vetted, please send me a note.

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