Creating High School Dropouts-starts in Middle School

Find a link below to view “Middle School Moment”.   Colleague Keith Palz, who leads Science Education at Distinctive Schools shared this.  This quick piece highlights a program at a NYC Middle School based on some interesting research about high school dropouts. Dr. Balfanz (Johns Hopkins) believes he has found a number of indicators that show how likely it is that a student will drop out of high school. His theory is that attendance (of less than 80%), behavior, and course performance (Failing Reading, Math, or any other core subject) in middle school can dictate whether or not a student will graduate from high school. The data he uses to support his theory is very compelling.  Although the program implemented by the school was very involved, the numbers alone are something you may want to keep in mind as we ready students for college and careers.

Link to the video is:

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