Developing Brains and Developing Intelligence

Since we still have a number of our education colleagues ignoring the case neuroscientists have been making for the need for children (especially underperforming students) to spend regular time, daily, developing their cognitive capacity through research-proven protocols such as Fast ForWord, here is some great information from Dr. Bill Jenkins on the Scientific Learning blog.  Link is:

If you don’t want to take time now to read the whole piece, take a look at this last paragraph from the piece:

Barbey’s results support that same finding. “In fact,” he says, “the particular regions and connections we found support an emerging body of neuroscience evidence indicating that intelligence depends on the brain’s ability to integrate information from verbal, visual, spatial and executive processes.” (2012) The implications are intriguing, and support our evolving understanding of human intelligence as a network that can be developed by simultaneously cross-training those regions in the brain that most effectively work together.

We engage in borderline malpractice when we do not provide (in school) the opportunity for underperforming kids to improve their memory, processing, and other cognitive capacities to help them learn faster and more efficiently.  Frankly, we know enough to know that this is the only way they have a chance to catch up with their higher performing peers.  Simply bearing down harder on their lessons, their curriculum, and their time-on-task won’t make much difference for many of our under-performers without the chance to improve their brain power that fuels learning.


One Comment on “Developing Brains and Developing Intelligence

  1. Another issue for underperforming students. 80% of black. 60% of hispanic and now almost 40% of white students are born into homes headed by an unwed mother. 90% of the prison population come from fatherless homes. We have spent 50 years tearing down the tradition family….since LBJ and the Great Society. We have thrown a trillion $$$ at the disadvantaged and they are worse off than before. Kids need a dad in the home.

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