Duval County Schools and the Elections

In the Jacksonville, FL newspaper, The Florida Times Union, an important article emerged last week.  Link is: http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2012-08-04/story/experts-say-race-school-board-may-be-most-important-election-duval

I am proud to have supported the campaign of Pervalia Gaines-McIntosh for Duval County School Board district 5.  A group of Raines and Ribault high schools alumni and many current parents and guardians are preparing to help PGM launch a terrific new effort to engage parents, students, and families in the school board district 5 area.  District 5 has been one of the traditionally under-served, poorly-represented, and neglected areas of this school system.

When I served as school superintendent, we worked hard to balance the interests of students in district 5 (and all areas of Jacksonville) with that of forces that run counter to the interests of children.  These continue to include an 8-year school board member who has put her own political and money-making interests ahead of children and schools.  Another stronghold on the district 5 area is the Jacksonville Branch of the NAACP which serves more to protect the interests of its long-time leadership while blocking opportunities for new leadership, new views, and the current-day (younger) families it is supposed to look out for.  As a person with deep interest in Jacksonville, and as a lifetime member of the NAACP myself, I am hoping the voters of district 5 will bring some fresh new talent to the school board arena, and to me Pervalia Gaines-McIntosh brings both freshness and a deep interest in the families and students of district 5. This area of Jacksonville needs and deserves much support and honest representation.  Not since Jimmy Johnson served Raines and then the school board has district 5 been honestly represented.

Joseph Wise

2 Comments on “Duval County Schools and the Elections

  1. I would like to thank Dr. Joseph Wise for his support of my campaign and for his long time commitment to children and education. Your support means a lot to me.

    • Pervalia. Thank you for running a very professional and positive campaign. You are a breath of fresh air for families on the north side, and your continued advocacy for kids and families will be appreciated. JW

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