Allendale County SC and Brain Fitness

Earlier this morning I delivered the welcome back to school keynote for Dr. Harold McClain’s staff of teachers and staff in the Allendale County SC public schools. This district has a long way to go, but seems poised for good progress this year.

Among the topics I reviewed was some of the research and protocols available to us all through Scientific Learning.  See:

Among the discussion points was the seriousness with which we treat the notion of brain fitness, and neuroscience interventions to boost students’ capacity in memory,  attention, sequencing, and processing.  Excerpts from the last slide of my presentation are reprinted below:

Scientific Learning’s research confirmed the concept of lifelong brain plasticity – that the brain can reinvent and reconfigure itself throughout life.

Just as exercise promotes fitness, exercising our brain improves brain fitness in the areas of memory, attention, processing and sequencing.

Brain fitness develops a brain to better capture, process and retain proven instruction efficiently and effectively.

So…The Difference is focusing on how the brain learns to accelerate performance and build fluency.

I look for Allendale to explore adding these protocols to their work this school year.  It should add aptly to the work our colleagues from Atlantic Research Partners have committed to doing with Allendale.

Joseph Wise

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