Alliances at School and at Work

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman advises us on the 4 attitudes about alliances.  I see these as useful for schools, children, and adults in various settings.
1.  Those who think of alliances as “I’ll do something for you, if you’ll do something for me” limit themselves and their prospects for leveraging relationships in their personal and professional lives.  Think about how we teach kids to limit themselves or push beyond this attitude in their own lives.
2.  There are those who operate their alliances on the basis of “I’ll do something for you, but I’m keeping track of what you owe me” and their antics provide bad modeling and distrust with others.  We can go far in helping kids and each other rise above this attitude.
3.  Better is the attitude of “I’ll invest in this relationship, and I expect you to invest commensurately over time”.  While this attitude is better than those described in #s 1 and 2 above, we can do even better when operating our alliances.
4.  Best according to Hoffman is “I’ll invest in this relationship because it is the right thing to do”.  When operating through our relationships, rest assured that sincerity comes through, and so does insincerity.  It is that simple.
We get good and bad work done through relationships.  For those of us who can use work in how we leverage our alliances, and for those already good at navigating and caring for our alliances, thinking about Hoffman’s 4 attitudes can help us all hone our craft.
Have a great week.

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