Absenteeism in Schools

Absenteeism remains a big challenge in America’s schools.  One company, eSchool Solutions offers products, services, and advisement on how to curb the abuse and improve on the circumstances of lost instructional time due to teacher absence.
Center for American Progress reports the following:
5.3% of teachers are absent on any given school day
10 days (on average) are missed by every teacher in a given school year
15 states require a college degree for substitute teachers
$4 billion is spent each year on substitutes and absentee management
$50 -$234 per day is paid to a substitute teacher (no average reported)
13% of school districts requires substitutes to be evaluated
42% of substitutes desire full time teachers
Nothing effectively replaces a student’s regular teacher.  For further information, check out STEDI.org or www.eschoolsolutions.com

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