School Lunches and the New School Year

With so much hype around childhood obesity, nutrition, and optimal meals for student learning, here are some best practices of school meals from three other countries:  France, Brazil, and Japan. Reported by Sarah Asp Olson from the work of Andrea Curtis, you might find this interesting:
In France school mealtime is another opportunity to talk with kids about food and how to enjoy foods.  A typical school meal in France is comprised of 4-courses, a salad, chicken or fish, cheese and bread, and a fruit or tart for dessert.
In Brazil every child gets a free lunch in public school.  30% of each meal must be made from local sources, and school meals are often rice and beans, grilled beef or chicken, and locally grown fruit.
In Japan menus are circulated monthly to families with calories and nutrition information listed.  This helps families stay involved in their child’s healthy eating.  Typical school lunches might consist of grilled mackerel, rice, miso soup, pickled cucumber, an orange or apple, and milk.
Interesting contrast to what we provide in America’s schools.

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