Advances in how we Assess Reading Ability

Educators who use Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant, you might get a kick out of this!

At the link: is the book Measuring Up-Advances in how we Assess Reading Ability.

Yet another meta-analysis and more refinement on how we assess Reading performance is at our finger tips.  While I have no criticism of this book in particular, where is the outrage on the lack of focus on what really matters?  This is where the educators using Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant might feel outrage.

1.  Improved Reading assessment does not help us get at underlying Reading problems caused by memory and attention deficits–Fast ForWord does, especially where there is a tight fidelity to the recommended protocol with students.

2.  Improved Reading assessment does not help us get at underlying Reading and learning challenges caused by cognitive processing and sequencing deficits–Fast ForWord does, and children get the chance to meet their teacher where (s) he needs them to be able to learn, digest, and maneuver learning activities and assignment when they receive Fast ForWord resources.

3. Any my personal favorite in getting irritated from our profession’s treatment of the wrong work is  treatment of Reading comprehension, by simply doing more and better assessing.  Reading Assistant users enjoy watching their students being supported (through technology) the work of comprehension, fluency, and navigating the obstacles inherent.  Otherwise just doing more (and even better) assessment of fluency and comprehension is like doing more measurement of (high) blood pressure and not treating the core of the problem.

Again, nothing against this new body of work.  When will we more broadly adopt the more serious obstacles to student learning?  For most kids to accelerate it is not only about improving their teacher’s teaching. It is about also improving the student’s Memory, Attention, Processing, Sequencing, Comprehension, and Fluency.  Good news is that programs like Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant can be provided through technology and not more hiring of professionals.

We have shifted from only the well-funded school districts being able to purchase these Scientific Learning products.  Now through shifts in SciLearn’s own technology, delivery, and per-student pricing, and almost all school districts being very strapped for cash, SciLearn has become one of the most cost-effective improvements for student learning and achievement.  Check out



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