Even Law Students are benefitting from what Neuroscientists are Teaching us about Learning

Check out the Wall Street Journal Article from August 28, 2012- Study Shows Why Lawyers are So Smart
“Intensive study for the Law School Admission Test reinforces circuits in the brain and can bridge the gap between the right and left hemispheres, according to neuroscientists” at Cal Berkeley.  A more full report is provided in the neuroanatomy journal Frontiers.
This appears to be another impressive study, and leaves me to wonder the following about all of our work in teaching and learning:
1.  How much more should we be calling upon neuroscientists to peruse our planning of learning objects and protocols for students?  We know that structured repetition, stimulation, and brain practice is not a by-chance game. these scientists know how to well-time activities to increase brain capacity and yes, IQ
2.  How much longer must we wait to provide all kids who need acceleration with neuroscience interventions to increase their memory, attention, processing, and sequencing, or what Scientific Learning schools refer to as MAPS?
3.  When will we stop simply measuring Reading Fluency and words per minute, and do more to improve Reading Fluency through neuroscientist-governed platforms such as Reading Assistant?  “Any ole” practice no longer cuts it, and frankly never did.
My enthusiasm for Scientific Learning has long been known by those I work and worked closely with. The more I continue to learn from these scientists an educators, the more hopeful I am than we can close all these achievement gaps and return our Nation to top-status in K-12 education.  We cannot, however, unless we listen to and follow the neuroscientists.

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