More on Effective Engagement of High School Students

More perceptions from high school teachers on student engagement, as reported by Hart Research Associates:
“When your end result is a multiple test score, then how compatible is that with student engagement?  I don’t think those two things are compatible at all.”
“…[Student] engagement now is going to be totally different from engagement 10 years from now, and, as teachers, we have to constantly make those changes and adjustments, hopefully with good leadership from principals and the district.”
”  If we actually want them to become productive people who know how to learn and take what we’ve taught them out into life, then I think engagement is probably a 12 [on a 1-to-1o scale].”

One Comment on “More on Effective Engagement of High School Students

  1. What if school’s were accountable for knowing, and growing, student engagement-which ultimately drives everything related to school success? What is being done now is not working to identify students at risk of dropping out. We need a new paradigm-STUDENT ENGAGEMENT! The bottom line is any student who does not graduate is a travesty as earning a high school diploma is a life-changing event! We can give our at-risk students a voice by tapping into the reasons “why” a student becomes disengaged and provide interventions to support students to reengage or increase engagement to pursue an educational goal.
    I have been a teacher for 28 years and I’ve developed the Scale of Student Engagement/Disengagement (SOS ED), which empowers students to self-identify their level of school engagement by responding to items that are scored and converted into an engagement score. In a university research study, the SOS ED was reliable and valid in identifying student engagement levels. Please visit my website and check out the video explaining the SOS ED and how to use it with your students.
    For further information, please email me at:

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