What High School Students had to say on Engagement

 In The College Board commissioned Hart Research study, high school students had important things to say about student engagement in high school.  Following are some that seemed noteworthy:
1.  For many students class size, length, or structure is not optimal.  For most class lengths are too long to hold their attention.  Students complained about classes starting too early–and by the way at an hour when adolescent bodies are programmed for sleep.
2.  Students crave variety in the instructional techniques used to impart knowledge.  Further students pointed out that they are more engaged when teaching methods draw connections to their personal interests or plans.
3.  Students want choices in the courses they take and the ways in which they demonstrate achievement (mastery).  They complained that summative assessments are commonly biased in favor of a particular kind of learning and a particular kind of student.
Colleagues Gene Budig and Alan Heaps wrote in their report on the Hart research that “Listening to …students is a logical place to begin this critical process [of reforming our high schools].”
Highly instructive for us all!
Thanks kids, wherever you are!

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