Education Spending on Common Core Implementation

Fordham Institute suggests that states adopting the Common Core State Standards will (collectively) spend around $1.2 billion on the transition.
No argument that the Common Core State Standards will be good for our kids, our schools and our economic health (think, more kids ready for high wage jobs and college).  As I have stated before, so much of this cost will be borne out by spending lavishly and foolishly on big box, paper-based materials provided by the big publishers.  It is foolish!
Map to the new curriculum, those materials your school, your district, or your network already have, and purchase strategically against the gaps that exist, decided upon by master teachers who completed the curriculum mapping.  Millions can be saved and reinvested on other things that we know make a difference.
I am surprised this idea has not gotten more widespread acceptance?  Is it because we we have become addicted to the big publishers well-financed propaganda, and endless supply of “free” worksheets?  I wonder and I worry!

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